This year has seen many twists and turns along my Single Mum business journey. I’ve gone from working with male entrepreneurs, to Vision Videos, storytelling and more. At many points in time I’ve felt restless, impatient, unsettled, my itchy brain going ten to the dozen.

It wasn’t until I embodied my discomfort and really faced my terror that I realised the true power of my journey. You see, beforehand I had worried about my credibility, my ‘image’, my focus and became inconsistent in the process. It was easier to not start, procrastinate, hold onto projects in fear of finishing and become known for the ‘thing’ that made me so restless in the first place. Leaving me skewwiffed, unproductive and ashamed at myself.

In hindsight I thought I could just educate myself into clarity. Skip all the uncomfortableness, distrust to both myself and others and hum my own tune from a place inside the sand! Wrong. Ohhh so wrong. While I realise that now I also have come to appreciate the pivots.

Here’s why. Without the pivots there was a lack of action. I stood still. Dissolving into the noise, thinking this was ‘it’ forever. Without the pivots there was also a lack of momentum. Little excitement, thrill and play. Without the pivots I would not have the clarity that I have now. Without the pivots I was sitting waiting, often never to get started, leaving the hopes and dreams headside.

I have explored this further. Wondering if the many pivots themselves were simply an attempt to fill an empty void inside. And, quite frankly, I can see how, at times, there was an element of this to a degree. However, I really do believe that action generates clarity and would not change it now because essentially it has led me to exactly where I am today.

At this stage, I cannot say there will not be more pivots along the way. Certainly a lot more refining of the who, what and how within the essence of juggling business as a Solo Mum. As of today though, my clarity and direction feels strong, exciting and abundant and the intuitive nudges will continue to make up a big part of who I am.